Treating varicose veins: painful and/or ugly varicose veins you can get treated at Spataderen-Amsterdam. Fill in the contact form and I will reach out to you for an appointment. During your first visit we will take a look at which treatment will give you the best results. After that you can be treated at the same time.

Get your varicose veins treated now

After a treatment, you may need to wear a support stocking for a couple of days.

Do you experience small veins like pictured below? And would you finally like to get rid of them? Make an appointment now by using the contactform.

What you see pictured above we call ‘Besenreisen’. These veins show themselves like lines in the skin, as if drawn with a pen. Common complaints are itchiness and infections. In general, these small varicose veins are regarded as very ugly. Lots of people do not dare to show their legs anymore or cannot relax on the beach because of them. There should be no reason for that.
Attention: in general the problem will get worse over the years, so the earlier a treatment the better.

Simple treatment

The treatment is: sclerotherapy. If your legs are full with ‘Besenreisen’, the trajectory of a thorough treatment can take a long time. So I advise you to immediately make an appointment with me, by using the contactform.