What does a varicose vein treatment cost and what gets compensated?

Treatment of varicose veins is not always insured health care*. The costs of a first single consult (the intake) DO count as insured health care. This is a deal with all insurers in the Netherlands. Pay attention: when refering the bill you need to add a referral card of your general practitioner.
*Insured care gets compensated from the basic insurance (basisverzekering). With the first instance you ‘use’ your obligated own risk costs (Eigen Risico, also in 2018: 385 euro). This currently applies to everyone.
In general sclerocompression therapy does not count as insured care. Some treatments do count though. This can only be determined through an echo-duplex investigation. Through this investigation aided by ultrasound I will look at the veins in your legs. I can immediately tell you whether your treatment will count in the category of insured care. So: do you have varicose veins you would like to have treated? Make an appointment with me in my clinic Spataderen-Amsterdam. Fill in the contact form and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Support stockings and aids to put on support stockings

According to insurance law support stockings and aids to put them on do get covered by basic coverage of health care insurance (zvw art 2.6.gg).


A treatment costs 195 euros.
A treatment with support stocking costs 225 euros.
The first consultation, including echo-duplex scan is free.
For cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment a fee of 50,- euros may be applied.