How do varicose veins get treated?

There are several ways to treat varicose veins. In my clinic Spataderen-Amsterdam I will mostly use sclerocompression therapy, with or without foam. You can read an extensive explanation about this therapy below. For an appointment all you need to do is fill in the contact form.

Spataderen-Amsterdam is specialized in sclerocompression therapy

The most common method to remove varicose veins is sclerocompression therapy, also known as removal by injection. This method is suited for small varicose veins or as aftertreatment with more severe treatments. The treatment is simple and not strenuous.

Sclerocompression therapy

Sclerocompression therapy can be applied immediately after the intake. With an injection to several places in the vein I will add small amounts of the sclerosizing fluid. The injection point will be covered with a cotton ball, a bandage and often followed by a support stocking. Sometimes just a bandage can be enough. The varicose veins has now shrunk and the fluid lies in between the walls of the vein like a film. In a couple of days these walls stick to each other. In case you got a support stocking we advise to wear this for 3 days. You can remove the cotton ball and bandages after 24 hours and you are allowed to shower.

Echo guided foam-sclerocompression therapy

With echo guided foam-sclerocompression therapy the fluid becomes a foam. The treatment is well suited for bigger varicose veins. With the echo device we monitor the vein. Next I inject the varicose vein with foam. With the echo device we can monitor whether the foam spreads out properly. Afterwards the injected vein gets squished flattened with cotton. Lastly you get an elastic stocking around your leg, which you need to wear for at least 5 days (day and night). You can shower, as long as you pull on the stockings afterwards again.

Before the treatment

If you arrive for the first time then an intake will be conducted, where specific questions will be asked about your health and possible complaints. After an external investigation of the legs a echo-duplex scan will follow.

After the treatment

After a treatment, you can go back to work immediately. The only constraint will be playing sports: you may want to avoid heavy exercise for a week. The result of the treatment can be judged after 1,5 months. Your body needs this time to recover.

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